The powerful sentence “where attention goes energy flows”, I hope, everyone must be aware about. Let us analyse this and see if this can help in bettering us and our relationships. I have got a chance to speak with many people. A common perception emerged among many is lack of peace and happiness either in the family or in the world. Feelings of Jealousness, hatred and judgemental spreads like wildfires. Belief, trust and faith has become a story today. 

Most unhealthy relationships are characterized by excessive amounts of criticism and judgment. Almost every day we criticize people around us. Appreciation is less and criticism is more. Being judgemental is a way of life for many of us. We can’t simply believe anything. If we ask why, the immediate response would be the world is like this. Honesty and integrity has no value now. But this is not the case. We have the power to change it. 

We never try to understand, what we think about most of the time is what returns to us. What we think about and hold in our subconscious really does matter. If we impregnate our subconscious mind to get something, then there is probably no force in the world which can restrict us in getting that something. If this is true, then why not we fill our subconscious mind with pure and powerful thoughts. Some people live life as though things happen to them because they think they have no control. They do not have purpose or direction. They feel lucky when good things happen. When something comes along they resist it, try to blame others and then create as many negative thoughts as they can accommodate. It is true for the very reason that energy goes where your attention goes. If you fight anything you are engaged in keeping it active. Put your attention on what you do want and you will give it the energy it needs to grow.

Whatever you feed and take care of can live and prosper. It doesn’t matter what it is. Nurture your positive thoughts and feelings. Imagine your life the way you want it to be and pour your energy into these images.