We are created for performing action. We can’t live a single moment without performing action. Action gives us joy and inaction leads to depression. If we perform our action properly, who there is increasing disorders in the society? Somehow we lack sense of our duty. Let’s take some examples. As long as a grocer sells groceries for the benefit of the people and earn money out of it, his action is good because his intention is serving people. The moment he decides to earn more money by adding duplicates in the stuffs the action is not good. Here he forgets his sense of duty and his action becomes selfish. Take another example. You have gone to a green grocer to buy fruits and the person tells you politely not to buy because of bad quality of fruits. And then you go to another green grocer who gives you the same fruits and took money from you. When you come home and know the quality of fruits, imagine the quality of thought you create for both the green grocers. This shows the sense of duty. The former will never feel unhappy because he knows his sense of duty. The later will never remain happy as his action is fully selfish. With these examples we can examine ourselves how we perform our actions in everyday life.

The quality of actions we are doing today decides our destiny. If today, we are feeling depressed and unhappy it is because of the actions that we performed yesterday. Today’s actions will decide our destiny tomorrow. When we dedicate our actions to a higher cause we become creative, energetic and efficient. We will feel happy and keep on growing. All the great minds in history were not necessarily talented or brilliant, but they all worked for a cause greater than themselves. So let’s start analysing ourselves and see how we are well versed with our sense of duty.