The food we eat has a direct impact on our thought, meaning that the quality of thought is dependent on the quality of food. That is why the saints in earlier days, took a few minutes of silence before they cook and eat. They invite the cosmic energy and then prepare the food. Kitchen is a source of health and wellness in every household across.  Anyone who cooks in the kitchen is equivalent to a doctor who is directly responsible for the health of the family members. The radiation and feeling that goes into the preparation of food affect everyone who consumes it. So anyone who is cooking must put his/her best attention. The food we eat affects not just our body, but also our mind and soul. Giving those recipes and ingredients your precious attention, love, care and good energy makes it most delicious and gives positive effects on health. In fact, the state of your mind while you are cooking food directly affects the energy and quality of that food.

Every person across loves their mother’s home made food and its taste because food cooked by a mother is filled with unconditional love, utmost care, all attention and the best intention. This positive energy gives the food an amazing taste and healing benefits which is incomparable. A mother never feels tired for cooking for her family rather she feels it as a way of expressing love and emotions towards the family.

It is not expected that we get the same nature of energy everywhere but we can think how best we can engage the cook.  While cooking, the person should be free from all the worries, insecurities and worldly matters. One should be completely immersed in the process of cooking as a divine meditation. This prevents and safeguards them from all the negative energies, leading to the cooking process more peaceful and pleasurable. As a result, the food makes wonders on health, wellness and gives immense pleasure to all those who consume it. Importantly, we may ensure that the intention of preparing food should always be pure wherever it gets prepared.