After paying a huge cost during the recent Pandemic, a sustained solution was expected for a wonderful recovery of the planet. But no big change is seen with a meagre recovery from the crisis. At Glasgow, many big commitments were made. The world which is predicted to look like in 2050 or 2070 is just based on some scientific data. It may be true or may not. Beyond science, there is an unseen power that is more concerned for the planet than us. More hurricanes, volcanos, earthquakes might come in the future but the world will continue to be there even after us for a bigger purpose. So our role is not to worry how the world will look like in 2050 or 2070 or 2100. Our role is limited to now only. Time has left upon us to think about what could have been done. The time for action was yesterday. Decide what you can do now.


Remember nothing lasts forever even the miseries in transition time. The miseries tell you it will last but they lie. They might have stuck with you for a while but hang on in there if you can. The world is not going anywhere.


Unless our heart and mind synchronize, the dream of a peaceful planet will remain a dream forever. The right voices and the powerful words can only awaken the dull hearts and out of track minds. The TITLEA CONVERSATION WITH TIME” is a tall attempt by me to pen some powerful lessons to handle the crisis.


As the title says – A Conversation With Time, looks like a difficult book and highly philosophical. But it is not. Somewhere you will find tradition and somewhere science. Somewhere it will give you a fictional flavour and somewhere a realistic flavour. But the truth is the book is based on real narratives of human experience. Whenever you dip into here and there, I am sure a page or a sentence will ignite your curiosity to go through the entire book.


The story starts with a mysterious character ‘Nishit’. While living his life the way everyone lives Nishit was glued somewhere, felt tired of life, and could not move ahead. He asks why the world behaves so unreal, what is wrong in it, is the world designed to hurt us, and how gracefully can one overcome the setbacks. Struggling with the unanswered questions, he meets a mysterious force, gets the true knowledge, and moves to his version 2.0.


The book is a classic blend of rich knowledge of traditions and modern science. I have tried my best to extract the gems of knowledge from the Indian Scriptures, interpret those in the present situations, and then place the blended knowledge to the readers. When the readers go through the book they will get the glory of the glorious past, live in the beautiful moment, and slowly move towards a powerful future.


Narrated with great sensitivity and passion, this book has made the hidden knowledge alive again for the readers across space and time.


The book will go live soon across the globe in both print and digital versions.