I am happy to share that Paradise of Change is now a signatory of the “Schools Commitment to Sustainable Development Goals” and a member of the Global Schools Program. Paradise of Change, functional office in Bhubaneswar, is the first ever initiative in India to teach exclusively the worlds biggest lessons (the global goals) to children through a chain of global educators. From 1st May to 31st May 2019, we will organise a mega event on the worlds largest lessons to educate and engage the children to understand the world in a different perspective and prepare themselves to become global citizens in days to come. In this phase we only enrol children from standard 1 to standard 7. If you are interested to teach your child the worlds largest lessons, please WhatsApp us by +91-9776682781/or email us at changeparadise@gmail.com with name of the child and contact details. We will get back to you shortly with details.

Certificate of membership of global schools programme