Dear Mind,


It is my duty to guide you when you are in pain.


From your actions and behavior, I could sense how distressed and hopeless you are at this time. But tell me honestly who are with you at this time? I could see no one. Remember that you are essentially alone at the time of pain. No one in this world loves pain. You are a learned and seasoned system. I know how powerful you are and how stable you are at the time of adversity. Your present condition does not really look decent. Tell me how big your problem is in comparison to your purpose. Being at your side always, I know how big your purpose is. Is the problem that you face now really so big? Can not you just overcome it? The situation that you are making so big today might not be there after a few days. It might be a decorated fantasy. It could take a turn anytime. It might go in favour of you. Anything could happen. Then why do you spoil the present? At this moment I feel really low when I see you suffering like this. I never expected that you could suffer like this. I know the present problem is quite tragic. I know it has derailed you emotionally. But that is not the end of the world.


Do you think that everything will happen as per your wish? If yes, then why do beggars beg? Do not they wish to be rich? Do not the crows wish to be peacocks? Does not the night jasmine wish to bloom in a day? There is a rule system in the universe and no one can mandate that rule. Were all wishes fulfilled, then the world won’t have been so beautiful? You have the rights to wish only but you have no rights to their result. The results are not in your hand. You know it very well. But again and again, I have to teach you. Why? I feel ashamed when I have to tell such things to an empowered and elevated mind.


Did you forget your role for society? Did you forget your responsibility for the next generations? Did you really forget your purpose? If you wish I could get a solution for your present problem. I am sure I can. Can you give the guaranty that you will remain happy for the rest of the time? If you give that commitment, then I can commit you to solve your present problem in minutes. But I know you can’t give such a guaranty. So I want you to face the situations gracefully, learn from them and move towards your purpose. Never ever get impacted and distracted by external situations. The people and situations come to test you and your capacity. Your role is to perform the best and respond to them wisely. Let the situations and people decide whether they want to be with you or leave you. In both cases do learn and feel empowered.


Let it be my last instruction to you. After that, it is you to make the decisions. I am a good friend of yours only at the time of your happiness but not at your pain. I will be weak gradually when you feel weak. Decide wisely.


My best wishes


Yours loving Intellect