The concept of Paradise of Change in bringing a big transformation in the society by way of change, is well accepted across the globe. About 2700 people have appreciated the idea and commented on it within a period of one week. We sincerely thank each and every one who have browsed the website ( placed their comments thoughts. This has really motivated us in moving forward.

Paradise of change is all set to start its centre in Bhubaneswar in mid-September to bring a revolutionary change in the present education system by introducing a future perspective in the system. Paradise of change will have;

  • Digitally designed, innovation filled, scientifically equipped, powerful energy filled classrooms to help the students understand education in a practical way.
  • Highly talented teachers trained on global issues, future perspective of society and values.
  • High quality and scientifically proved teaching tools to explore the innate potential of every child.

We at Paradise of Change, will teach our kids about synthetic telepathy, advancements in genetic engineering and robotics, artificial intelligence, superconductivity etc. which they would deal in days to come. We will teach them to deal with the projected impacts of climate change, water scarcity, hunger etc. which are going to have devastated impact on the society in the future. We will teach them values so that they radiate positive vibes to the society.

Our approach in education is completely new which will help every child to push boundaries and explore his/her talents. We also train teachers to get sophisticated knowledge of global and social issues which could help them to teach the students in a practical way. We organise consultations among parents to make them understand the need of a change in the education methods in the present and future perspective.

Before we start functioning, we just have initiated an e-consultation process to ensure that our idea and approach is as accessible to as many stakeholders as possible. We need to tell people what the new approach in education is about, what the possible implications/outcomes would be and why it is important at the present context.

Please feel comfortable to write to us till 15thAugust 2018 in the following mail. From 15thAugust onwards, we will start the enrolment process. Initially we will enrol students of standard I to VIII (ideally in the age group of 5 to 14).

Email us at –

Please note that we will respond only to the genuine queries within 10 days.