Here is the famous saying of Benjamin Franklin“Happiness depends more on inward disposition than on outward circumstances”. How far is this understood today? Had this been properly understood, probably there would not have been much dialogue on “Destination Addiction”. Dr. Robert Holden in a bog wrote, “People who suffer from Destination Addiction believe that success is a destination… Our goal is not to enjoy the day but get through the day.” This means happiness is positioned somewhere. It may be in the next place, the next job, or even the next partner. In day-to-day life, we could realise this. A poor woman thinks that her happiness is dependent on many factors. She keeps on waiting for years to get more and more gold ornaments to be happy. The moment she reaches her destination, life poses some other needs for her and again she runs after those. Similarly, youngsters believe that they will find happiness in their next job, next adventure or next romantic relationship. It is a never-ending process. They are desperate for change because they believe that they will finally be happy once they reach the next destination. This is an illusion in fact.

The addiction grows slowly and often starts with one experience and then lands the people in anxiety, empty state of mind, depression etc. Destination addicts hardly live in the present moment. They reflect on the past and project themselves into the future, speculating on how quickly they will reach their goals. They usually miss the present. For them, living in the present means planning for the future. This causes anxiety and an unnecessary restlessness which they eventually realise. This is a very dangerous state of mind. Because the constant search for happiness gives them the feeling of empty inside. It is good to look forward for new job, or new experience, but it is not good to sacrifice our present happiness.

Once we become aware of our addiction and its negative effect, the healing process should start immediately. One must begin to consciously pull herself/himself back into the present moment until it becomes another addiction. Everyone should realise that happiness starts from within and start appreciating the simple pleasures in life. We should feel happy what we have at present – our loved ones, precious memories, beautiful surroundings etc. There is always someone praying for what we have right now. Let’s be happy with what we have and don’t waste the present in search of future.