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The world has changed a lot in the last few decades. Yet the way our schools prepare our children has remained largely unchanged. A sizeable number of students have been struggling simply because the way they learn doesn’t align with how they are being taught. Many become disengaged. Our education, today, is everything about numbers or scores. There is hardly any effort made to understand the subjects and their relevance in the present context. There is a need to forward-thinking about the education systems and learning models. There is a need to make our children global citizens to think and act to achieve the global goals. 

Paradise of Change has introduced a framework to teach on global citizenship education to all learners with specific focus on children. Global citizenship education will empower the students to think big and work towards achieving the global goals. Global citizenship education is unique approach of teaching which could empower the children to open their individual talents, think about innovations to deal the global challenges and have faith on their own ideas. We use powerful stories, situations and role models to teach them values like honesty, integrity, simplicity, perseverance etc.

The new way of educating the children will start in a big way from March 2019.

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