Every great decision, action or invention starts as a thought in the mind. Nothing happened here by chance. Even we decide our destiny by the quality of thought we create. The way our body needs healthy diet, our mind needs healthy diet too. Research has shown that the majority of thoughts created by an average human being are negative. In day-to-day life, the level of information we consume and the quality thoughts we create are not the balanced diet for our mind. In a fast changing society, we are bound to face series of challenges every day and every moment. With fast growing social media, we can’t sit silently without accessing information. We have absolutely no control over the situations and the information that we get. But we have control over our mind. We can decide which information we need and which not. We can decide how we react the situations. Meditation or yoga is the only way out. Yoga helps us to decide which thoughts are better for our mind and which not. We can have control over our mind and senses through yoga. Yoga can empower us and make us happy.

Today we all think for a violence free society, a disease free body, a confusion free mind and a sorrow free soul. We all have the capacity to make this happen. Only thing we have to do is to create a powerful thought of change and sustain it. This is possible by reconditioning our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is already conditioned with some belief system. We have been shaped and influenced by negative statements from our parents, society, school etc. We have been told that we can’t do certain task or we can’t  be whatever we want. This has limited our beliefs and subsequently printed in our subconscious mind. We just have to replace those thoughts with powerful ones for which we must practise yoga. Yoga is a complete solution for everyone to achieve the real goal of life. In Bhagavat Geeta, Lord Krishna advised Arjuna to perform Yoga to get the highest form knowledge in life. He defines yoga as selfless, cleansing, freeing, balancing, inspiring and joyfully performed actions based on a vision in which one experiences the real knowledge and peace.

Sri Sri Ravishankar in his spiritual discourse gives a beautiful example of a yogi. He says any baby in the world in the age of 3 months to 3 years old is a perfect yogi. The way they breathe, the way they smile and the way they sleep are perfect yoga. That is why the baby is stress free and smiles 400 times in a day. We should not perform yoga as a form of exercise but in a way which can rejuvenate our soul. We must perform yoga to feel pure, peaceful and powerful.

We must decide a goal in our life where we want to reach and what we want to see in our society. Yoga will take us towards that goal.