The world is radically different today what it was decades before. Things move so quickly that we’re struggling to adapt quickly enough. The future is going to be very challenging as well. The world of our next generations will deal with synthetic telepathy, advancements in genetic engineering and robotics, artificial intelligence, superconductivity and people on Mars. Alongside the vital issues like global warming, hunger, acute water scarcity etc. will be more visible. The world where people might not even have jobs and where society itself may be arranged in different ways. How do we prepare our next generations to deal with the future? Is the present education system enough? As per World Bank report 2017, more than 260 million children worldwide are out of school, yet more than half of those in education are not learning. Education today really isn’t that much different from what it was a hundred years ago. It’s still classrooms crammed full of students filling heads with lots and lots of information. It prepares our kids to choose some professions and then earn.

Class rooms should be completely different and designed scientifically to  inspire students to be curious about the world they live in. The schools should create avenues for students to visualise the future and prepare themselves. We must know that kids are born explorers.  When they are young all they want to do is push boundaries and explore the limits of what they can do. The present education system should not suffocate that curiosity by making them spend their childhoods preparing for one test after another. Gone are the days where we choose a profession and adhere to that for the rest of our life. We need to learn something new multiple times in our life span and then only we could face the fast changing world and contribute positively to the society. We must think to customize the learning system to fit each individual’s needs and desires. The aim of education should never be to get an A or pass a test. This method of education really sucks away the joy of learning. Here is an example of a role play done in a school preparing students for future. “Imagine a small town on a lake, in which the majority of the town is employed by a single factory. But that factory has been polluting the lake and killing all the life. What do you do? It’s posed that shutting down the factory would mean that everyone loses their jobs. On the other hand, keeping the factory open means the lake is destroyed and the lake dies.” This is a scenario and there is no particular answer of it but is can help the students think more and more.

This is time to think for revolutionising the education system. Let’s introduce a change in the education system so that our kids could be exposed to the future world. Let them think differently and do things in a different way. Every kid has exceptional potential and effective education is the only way to explore that potential.