We have learned from modern psychology that we resist when someone tries to make us do something in a new way. Yet, we persist in trying to change others. If we want others to change their ways, telling them to do so will have little effect unless we are living examples of that behaviour.

A team of researchers went to Africa to study the behaviour of elephants. They came across a herd of elephants running wild, and destroying their environment. They discovered that these were all teenage male elephants. They had no adult role models to learn from. The researchers arranged to have some adult elephants brought in. In the beginning, there was no change and the teen elephants continued to run wild and fight each other. However, after a few days the teen elephants began to settle down. Over time, they became well behaved and their wild actions subsided. On their own, the teen elephants had no role models and did not know how to behave. Once adults were introduced into their group, the teens had role models and began to be disciplined. (Excerpts from Speaking Tree)

Today the society needs role models and examples. As parents, we should teach our children through loving discipline and by setting an example. Our children do not believe in our words alone but in what they see us do. Similarly, when we are in a position to train or teach others—whether we are teachers, parents, employers, or citizens imploring others to be conscientious—we must first set an example ourselves. That is the only way to bring about change. Paradise of Change is a platform aims at setting examples for the society.