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Creating global citizens

Be a Global Citizen

The present education system mostly prepares the students for profession or jobs. Most parents also want this type of education their children should learn from school. The system does not prepare the students well for dealing with life which is quite essential at the moment. They need to learn by themselves to deal with life. They must learn to set goals, deal with relationships, understand society, and importantly enriching relationship with nature. This requires ability to think critically about everyday matters of life. For this adding values in education in highly essential.

How do we transform vision into practice? The answer lies in an education that brings about changes and personal transformations in the process through the experience of action and practice. Through a critical education process, the root causes of conflicts and crises need to be fully understood, followed by the design and implementation of appropriate actions for resolving them. It is through education that the next generation of youth and adults form their values, principles and knowledge of peaceful futures and develop their sense of responsibility and accountability to take personal and social actions for the necessary transformations towards a culture of peace.